A few days ago, I was wondering how I could get people updated about a small organization a friend of mine and I made, called Harker Hackers. I wanted to get our users notified about blogs, announcements, and updates to our essential services.

I was thinking of creating something that takes user’s emails, sends them a verification email, and stores their emails in a database. Think about, for example, Twitter. When you create an account, an email gets sent to you. You click a button from there, which opens another link that automatically creates your account. I always found this…

The News Archives API is a super simple application programming interface that allows anyone to get news of the past.

Entire rooms of newspapers now fit in a laptop

What problem does this solve?

In my house, many newspapers of historical events are stuffed into my garage cabinets, like papers from 9/11, presidential elections of 2008, ’12, and ’16, the first quarantines from covid-19, and much more. These are stored so that in, say, ten years, I can see what was the news on this very important day. Maybe even in hundreds of years, someone will come across my former garage and get a primary source of world-changing events from my time (unlikely).



Using a database when making a discord bot is important for the following reasons:

  • Keep track of servers
  • Keep track of users
  • Keep track of what commands are being used

In my case, I am making a simple discord bot that sends you GIFs. I want to have a record of who all is using the bot. Also, I want users to be able to see their recent commands. To make this possible, I used Rockset.

Here’s the GitHub repository for reference.


  1. Create a Rockset account.
  2. Head to your console.
  3. Under “API Keys”, click “Create API Key”.
  4. Save…

Aarav Borthakur

An 8th grader working on all sorts of misc. software

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